Mises à jour

Lorsque vous installez des mods dans votre jeu Les Sims 4, le plus important est de toujours s’assurer qu’ils sont compatibles avec le jeu. Les mods obsolètes sont la cause d’un nombre très important de bugs, il est donc important de les retirer lorsque c’est le cas ou de télécharger leur dernière version. Pour vous aider, nous vous avons préparé une petite liste non exhaustive des différents mods existants avec leur état.

Dernière mise à jour du jeu le : 30/08/2022

🔄 Les mods mis à jour

Ces mods ont été mis à jour depuis la sortie du dernier patch Sims 4. Il est très fortement conseillé de les retélécharger.
ModDernière mise à jour
& 17/10/2022
Insimnia Eats03/10/2022
ISO Love Photos - Full Control Camera19/09/2022
Not Knocking Here05/11/2022
Odd Jobs07/09/2022
Oni's Recipe Pack05/11/2022
Skill Decay21/11/2022
, 11/10/2022
15 Clubs Per Sim Mod15/10/2022
15 Hour Active Career Day with better Wages01/11/2022
Adopt a teen21/09/2022
Age Up add Preferences V614/09/2022
all remaining careers10/09/2022
All Scenarios13/10/2022
All Worlds Are Residential03/11/2022
All Worlds Are Residential03/09/2022
Ami’s Catalog Overhaul - Pack Icon Hider10/10/2022
Ami’s Catalog Overhaul - Subtle CC Icon10/10/2022
Ask Category08/09/2022
Ask to Clean and More09/10/2022
Auto Shorter Teens15/11/2022
Be romantic and woohoo despite mood of sims03/11/2022
Beach Yoga07/11/2022
Better BuildBuy15/11/2022
Better Exceptions13/10/2022
Better Exceptions v3.029/09/2022
Better Kiosks & Vending Machines24/11/2022
Better Pie Menu10/11/2022
Better Romance08/10/2022
Bipolar Disorder26/09/2022
Canning Factory27/10/2022
CC Wrench Override23/10/2022
Child Birth Mod23/11/2022
Choose High School Classmates23/11/2022
Color Sliders13/10/2022
Color Sliders for Hair and Clothes16/09/2022
Cookbook S&S12/11/2022
Core Library15/11/2022
Core Recipes10/09/2022
Crimson Seedless Grapes01/10/2022
Custom Channels Injector 21/10/2022
Custom Drink Interactions12/10/2022
Custom Food Interactions11/11/2022
Custom Nuptials12/09/2022
Custom Seed Packets12/09/2022
Custom University Electives11/10/2022
Dark Mode UI04/11/2022
Dine Out Reloaded14/10/2022
Direct Controls15/11/2022
Disable Wants & Fears Workaround Fix10/11/2022
Download Folder14/10/2022
EA Cupcakes in the Oven02/11/2022
Eco Hacks01/09/2022
Education System Bundle24/10/2022
Education Transportation Career20/09/2022
FalseHope Spa & Wellness14/11/2022
Family Management Cheats30/08/2022
Fashion Authority26/09/2022
Fated Mate It's fate11/10/2022
Fearless Reward Trait14/10/2022
Fixes for Nyx's Enhanced Aliens04/09/2022
Fixes for Nyx's Enhanced Aliens04/09/2022
Free Fitness Aspiration21/09/2022
Free Hire NPC (On Community Lots)11/10/2022
Frog Breeding Skill28/10/2022
Functional candy Dispenser with Edible Candies30/10/2022
Functional Lemonade Stand and Table Bake Sale20/10/2022
Fur Trade Career05/10/2022
Gardening Workaround Fix31/10/2022
Get Rid Of Your Fears05/10/2022
Get Together Event11/09/2022
Go to School15/09/2022
grannies cookbook24/11/2022
Grannies Cookbook - 18.1118/11/2022
Hobby Trait Mods12/10/2022
Illness Traits Bundle24/11/2022
ISO Love Photos – Full Control Camera20/09/2022
Journalism Career 14/09/2022
Keep Sims in Home Region26/10/2022
Keto Cookbook03/10/2022
Less Frequent Prom23/10/2022
Lifestyle Traits14/10/2022
Lifetime Aspirations22/10/2022
Lifetime Traits14/09/2022
Lighthouse Keeper05/10/2022
Living Life Aspiration21/09/2022
Loading Screen Replacements08/11/2022
lot traits14/10/2022
Loves Children14/10/2022
MC Command Center01/09/2022
mini-mod: front desk23/10/2022
Minimalist CC Icon12/10/2022
Mods Made BG Compatible05/11/2022
Monthly PUBLIC String Updates13/11/2022
More Columns in CAS16/09/2022
More Selectable Icons15/11/2022
More Sims In The World04/09/2022
More Traits in CAS 14/10/2022
More Traits in CAS14/10/2022
More Traumatic Divorce for Children11/10/2022
More Visitors15/10/2022
Mute Trait 30/09/2022
New Emotional Traits06/10/2022
No Autonomous Run Inside 24/09/2022
No Autonomous Toilet Prank21/10/2022
No CC Wrench Period30/10/2022
No Female Body Hair05/09/2022
No Holidays Failure Drama08/11/2022
No IDLE Chat24/09/2022
No Promotion Careers27/10/2022
No Shoes In Bed04/09/2022
No Time Capsules Without A Treasure Map 03/09/2022
Not Knocking Here07/11/2022
Occult Preferences Mod15/09/2022
one-level/no-promotion careers28/10/2022
Oni's Custom Grocery Mod24/11/2022
Oni's Recipe Pack07/09/2022
Part-Time Careers22/11/2022
Pharmacy Kiosk Mod11/11/2022
Pickpocketing Mod09/09/2022
PlantSim Lives07/09/2022
PlantSim Spawner & Motive Overhaul23/10/2022
Plasma Tycoon Career04/09/2022
Podcaster Career27/09/2022
Politician Career05/11/2022
Pool Party Event07/09/2022
Prank Toilet Autonomy18/09/2022
Pre-Rebranding Pack Icons03/11/2022
Pregnancy Moods21/09/2022
Purchase Medicine From Phone11/11/2022
Purchase Occult Books10/11/2022
Purchasing System Overhaul07/09/2022
Random Texts and Calls23/10/2022
Realistic Cooking Mod12/11/2022
Remove It18/09/2022
Resort Owner07/09/2022
Robin's Food Enabler23/11/2022
Royalty Mod19/09/2022
Run Don't Job05/11/2022
Run Don't Jog05/11/2022
School Colors & Better Outfits07/09/2022
School Uniforms07/09/2022
Shipbuilding Career05/10/2022
Sim Spawn Overhaul03/11/2022
Sims 4 Multiplayer Mod05/11/2022
Sims 4 Package Blocker05/09/2022
Sims 4 Studio20/10/2022
Simston Private School Mod16/10/2022
Simston Private School Mod16/10/2022
Skip Main Menu12/09/2022
Sleep Naked Mod07/10/2022
Smart Sim Randomizer21/10/2022
Smarter Social01/09/2022
SNB Bills24/09/2022
SNB Financial Center24/09/2022
Social Activities26/10/2022
Social Activities (Visit Friends, Family and more)15/11/2022
Social Availability Fix23/10/2022
Socialization is Fun!08/11/2022
Sorted Traits Picker v3.330/09/2022
Srsly's Complete Cooking Overhaul13/10/2022
Stand to Pee13/11/2022
Stirring the Pot25/11/2022
Stirring the Pot Grocery List (Ingredients Master List)13/11/2022
Stirring the Pot Updated Recipes - v613/11/2022
Stirring the Pot v6 - Cookbook13/11/2022
Stop Being So Mean22/11/2022
Stop Change Phone Color Obsession01/11/2022
Stop Molding Clay! 21/10/2022
Stop Respectful Introduction22/10/2022
Studious Trait22/11/2022
Take off Shoes with animation28/10/2022
Tattoo CAS Category Fixes13/10/2022
Teenage Interaction Reactions03/10/2022
Teens can adopt21/09/2022
The Custom Wants Mod14/10/2022
The Hobby Mod24/10/2022
The Hopes & Fears Mod14/10/2022
The Sims 4 Experiences Mod Pack30/09/2022
Thee Salad Bowl - Salad Crafter29/10/2022
Thee Sandwich Maker14/11/2022
Tofu and Edamame Stir Fry26/10/2022
Traits by Scarlet08/09/2022
Traits Remade In CAS01/09/2022
Truffle Mushrooms31/08/2022
TS4 High School Years - Two Prom Royalty Mod29/10/2022
TS4 Premade Household Tool 29/10/2022
TS4 SimRipper Classic07/10/2022
Ultimate Military Career30/10/2022
University Skill Class Tweaks22/10/2022
Unlocked Social Media Career Interactions05/10/2022
Vampire Age Traits12/10/2022
Vampires Everywhere23/10/2022
Wash Dishes Fix24/09/2022
Wellness Aspiration22/11/2022
World Class Detective Aspiration30/10/2022
World Rename Tool12/10/2022
Writing and Writing Overhaul12/09/2022
Xhallie Custom Wrench Icon12/09/2022
Zoomers Delivery Plus24/09/2022

✅ Les mods compatibles

Ces mods ont été testés et ne causent apparamant pas de problème avec le jeu. Si vous rencontrez des soucis, contactez les créateurs de ces mods.
ModDernière mise à jour
Hidden From You
Adopted Scarlet Mods
Afterschool Activities12/08/2022
Aging Fix29/07/2022
All mods not listed above
all of his other mods and recipes
Better Dollhouse Mod
Better Fears Mod18/08/2022
Catnip Fix
Check Today's Events and Sneak out12/09/2022
Children's Aspirations Bundle12/08/2022
Dracula Aspiration
event mods
Ghastly Ghosts
Hidden From You26/09/2022
Hoarder Trait11/04/2022
Homework at Desk Mod
Increased Vampire Invasions
Magic School09/05/2022
Master Duelist Career09/05/2022
Money Challenges - Rags to Riches
More Interactions Reduce Fury28/08/2022
No More Stuffed Animal Relationships and All Stuffed Animal Interactions Unlocked
No Welcome Wagon
Not Sad About Holidays Mod
Off the Grid Adoption Fix
PTSD 27/08/2022
Purchasing System Overhaul Mod01/06/2022
SanSan Laundry Service
Scarlet's Mod List Changelog
Show Sim Info08/08/2022
Shower Woohoo Tweaks23/03/2022
Sim Traits Pack for Cats & Dogs
Stand Still in CAS18/06/2022
Teen Aspirations Bundle28/08/2022
Thrift Store Overhaul29/08/2022
Thrift Store Overhaul29/08/2022
Trait: Beautiful
UI Cheats Extension31/08/2022
Updated Cyclelegs All Beds Same Energy Mod
Xhallie Custom CC Wrench Icon Update

❌ Les mods cassés

Ces mods empêchent le jeu de fonctionner correctement. Il est recommandé de les retirer en attendant une mise à jour par leurs créateurs respectifs.
ModDernière mise à jour
15 Clubs Per Sim27/07/2022
CC wrench override mods
Choose Your Classmates
Dine Out Reloaded18/11/2022
Hidden by You
Loading Screens (with custom spinning plumbobs)
Minimilist Main Menu
Ordering Things on Mobile
Remove It v.1.0 Batuu Call module
Sage of Mastery Magic30/07/2022
Sims 4 Multiplayer Mod29/08/2022
Skip Main Menu & Map
Slice of Life23/09/2022
The Sims Resource's (TSR) CC Manager
UI Normal Sim Pictures

❓ Les mods inconnus

Nous n'avons pas d'information sur la compatibilité de ces mods. Vous pouvez les utiliser à vos risques et périls.
ModDernière mise à jour
Age Matters09/08/2022
CAS Gender Breast Option & Pregnancy Both27/07/2022
Cookbook S&S08/08/2022
Death Notifications (Beta) 29/05/2022
EA Cupcakes in the oven31/07/2022
Faithfulness Mod + Traits03/08/2022
Fashion Authority02/08/2022
Group Dance Mod02/04/2022
Insults & Arguments Pack29/08/2022
Insurance Company Life Insurance 28/07/2022
Lively Towns17/07/2022
Misery Traits28/06/2022
Possessed Grounds Lot Trait23/06/2022
Pro Build30/05/2022
Regency Romance 09/08/2022
Set Family Relationships and No Romance for Family20/06/2022
SimSung 2.0 replacement phone 27/07/2022
100 Base Game Traits Pack18/07/2022
11 Mods19/07/2022
25 Mods19/07/2022
25 Vacation Days 07/08/2022
3+ Lifestyles Fix09/06/2022
5 Day Work Week: Choose Your Own Work Hours09/08/2022
Active Career Aspirations08/08/2022
Adult Jobs For Teens29/07/2022
Advanced Immortality Mod20/05/2022
Age Up + Preferences28/05/2022
Ageless and Immortal Rewards Store Traits15/08/2022
Agoraphobia Trait and Techie Trait31/03/2022
Alien Bloodlines 28/07/2022
All Beds Give Same Energy, Comfort and Stress Relief 02/08/2022
All Freelancer Careers For Teens07/08/2022
All Traits In Reward Store25/03/2022
All Year Plants02/08/2022
Already Upgraded25/03/2022
Always Keep a Doctor at the Hospital 17/06/2022
Amanita Muscaria Red Mushroom21/08/2022
Amanita Muscaria Red Mushrooms16/08/2022
Ami's Catalog Overhaul19/06/2022
Ami's Catalog Overhaul - Vampires23/06/2022
Animal Shop 20/06/2022
Anxiety Trait15/08/2022
Arabica and Robusta Coffee Beans13/07/2022
Archaeology Kit29/08/2022
Archaeology Kit 226/08/2022
Arranged Marriages08/04/2022
Ask to Eat and more28/08/2022
Auto-Zodiacs 30/07/2022
Autonomous First Kiss! 10/08/2022
Autonomous Proposals!11/08/2022
Balanced Life V1223/04/2022
Ballroom Dance Mod07/04/2022
Basic Burns17/06/2022
Basketball Mod23/04/2022
Battery Powered Boombox08/08/2022
Bed Cuddle18/06/2022
beemoodfix 26/06/2022
Begone Build Mode Lag02/04/2022
Better Farm Animals (Out in Rain) Mod 28/06/2022
Better Parties Set12/05/2022
BetterSims 29/08/2022
Bipolar Trait 22/08/2022
Bloodline Control Cheat Interactions01/07/2022
Blue Stropharia Aeruginosa Mushrooms16/08/2022
Bone Crunch Salad30/03/2022
bookcaseandstorageboxdontshareinventory 02/04/2022
Bug Life Mod09/08/2022
bugfix mod for duplicate swimwear categories18/04/2022
BuildMode FreeCam20/07/2022
Campfire - No Fire 31/05/2022
Career Overhaul Suite17/06/2022
Career Socials unlocked14/08/2022
CAS Bugfix: Fingernail Category Fixes20/06/2022
CAS Gender Breast Option & Pregnancy Both29/07/2022
CAS Mod: Presets Selection For Randomized Sims02/08/2022
CAS Unlocks27/07/2022
CC with "Fashion Rarity" tags11/08/2022
Celebratio Spell17/06/2022
Change Appearance with Mirror FIX06/08/2022
Change Into Towel Everywhere17/06/2022
Check Out Venue Overhaul05/04/2022
Cheese and Asparagus Quiche04/06/2022
Cherished Moments - Pregnancy06/07/2022
Cherished Moments - Toddlers11/05/2022
Child Stars28/06/2022
Childbirth Mod07/04/2022
Children/Toddlers Can Die of Anything03/07/2022
Class Clown Aspiration11/08/2022
Complete Cooking Overhaul28/03/2022
Create-Your-Style, Home Boulangerie, LUX Lights & Royal Casino30/05/2022
Custom Club Activities23/04/2022
Custom Food Recipe Files All Collection07/07/2022
Custom Nuptials (v2.1)11/08/2022
Custom Scenario: Bacheloret Challenge04/08/2022
Custom Scenario: Sibling Rivalry17/06/2022
Custom Traits in Club Filter28/06/2022
Custom Traits in Club Filter v1905/08/2022
Custom Whims18/04/2022
Cute Romance05/04/2022
Darkmode Standalone 20/06/2022
Death Notifications31/05/2022
Death Notifications (Beta)30/05/2022
Decor with a Purpose: Functional Bath Towels 17/04/2022
Decor with a Purpose: Functional Shower Supplies27/03/2022
Default Ceilings & Royal CAS Background27/03/2022
Dementia Trait22/08/2022
Dental Care26/05/2022
Developer Access Panel 09/06/2022
Dhampyrs 08/08/2022
Don’t Do That Mods14/07/2022
Don’t Talk About Vampires14/07/2022
Drama Club Paid07/08/2022
EA Eyelashes Remover18/06/2022
EA Traits As Reward V3 (Clones)21/03/2022
Easy Sentiment Cheats03/04/2022
Eat At Tables17/06/2022
Eat Fish Mod27/07/2022
Eco Footprints Everywhere28/07/2022
Eco-Friendly/Industrial Mod (Run for Mayor Aspiration) 23/07/2022
Edit Rejected Content Faster07/08/2022
Education Overhaul11/07/2022
Education Overhaul (v4.7)11/08/2022
Emotional Socials29/08/2022
Entertained Evermore08/08/2022
Even More Babies Mod16/08/2022
Expandable BuildBuy Catalog27/07/2022
Express Delivery - Shopping Apps23/04/2022
Extended Muzzle and Mouth Corner Depth Slider03/07/2022
Eye Care26/05/2022
Fame Decay Tweaks23/03/2022
Family Therapy26/05/2022
Fashion Career Mod08/08/2022
Faster Skills28/07/2022
Faster Taking Turns When Bowling17/08/2022
Fated Mate20/06/2022
Fear Factory15/08/2022
Fedup Express Career03/05/2022
Feed Your Pets: Feedable Live Aliens17/04/2022
Feed Your Pets: Purchase Pet Treats21/07/2022
Filthy Fabulous10/06/2022
Fireplace Lover Trait28/07/2022
First Impressions 15/08/2022
First Love15/07/2022
Fix Broken “Clean Whiteboard” Want13/08/2022
Fixers for sliders and alpha hairs17/06/2022
Fixers for sliders and alpha hairs/overlay skins18/06/2022
Fixers for sliders, hair, skins after werewolf patch04/07/2022
Fixes to Nyx's Witches and Warlocks26/06/2022
Flicbuster 28/08/2022
footprint fixees21/05/2022
Forbidden Spells17/06/2022
Form Groups at School19/08/2022
Frankenfix of Nyx's Enhanced Aliens28/06/2022
Freelance Chef Career27/06/2022
Freelancer Careers for Teens28/07/2022
Frimlin's Expanded Reward Store 27/07/2022
Frimlin's Expanded Rewards Store21/08/2022
Functional Edit of Nyx/NeilSimming's Death Angels27/03/2022
Functional Lot Traits17/07/2022
Functional Lot Traits / Challenges19/07/2022
Functional Medicine Cabinets11/08/2022
Funeral Service Event18/07/2022
Game Developer career08/08/2022
Gameplay Overhaul02/08/2022
Gardening Plants, All Seasons, No Glow, and 10 Harvestables17/06/2022
General Pie Menus11/08/2022
Genetic Rewards28/06/2022
Get Dressed Autonomy 23/03/2022
Get Real Mod10/08/2022
Ghosties! / Simghostic Memory08/08/2022
Global Gender Preference08/08/2022
grannies bakery delivery17/06/2022
Greek God Challenge Scenarios: Apollo to Ares17/06/2022
Group Dance Mod06/04/2022
GTW Health Overhaul 11/07/2022
Have Some Personality Please!09/08/2022
Healthcare Redux26/05/2022
Heavily Charged25/07/2022
Hidden TV Channels Unlocked29/08/2022
High Quality Maps Replacement27/07/2022
Hire More Retail Employees30/03/2022
History Challenge Companion Mod24/07/2022
HLC 26/03/2022
Hobby Traits24/08/2022
Home Repair: Damaged Walls28/06/2022
Home Repair: Stained Walls 28/06/2022
Hopeless Romantic24/04/2022
Hopes & Fears Mod27/08/2022
Hula Hoop Mod22/08/2022
Human Ghost03/07/2022
Improved Visitor Notifications22/08/2022
In-Game Music27/03/2022
Incognito Spell17/06/2022
Increased Energy from Drinks31/03/2022
Indoor Pool Lot Trait23/06/2022
Insults & Arguments Pack29/08/2022
Insurance Company Life Insurance25/07/2022
Insurance Company Mod01/04/2022
Introduction Hider / No Autonomy23/06/2022
Join a Country Club08/05/2022
July 17th18/07/2022
July 22nd 23/07/2022
Karaoke Night23/04/2022
Kids Can Plan Social Events06/08/2022
Language Barriers01/08/2022
Language Barriers v2.2.109/08/2022
Laurenbell's Recipe Book (Custom Recipes - Food Enabler Mod) 10/07/2022
Less CL/IL/SE NPC names07/05/2022
Less Furious Werewolves26/06/2022
Less Obsession16/08/2022
Less Obsession V3 23/04/2022
LGBTQIA+ Mod18/08/2022
LGBTQIA+: Gender & Orientation Overhaul06/08/2022
Lifetime Aspirations by ky-e 01/08/2022
Lifetime Quirks17/06/2022
Literacy Mod24/07/2022
Livestream for Everyone27/07/2022
Loading Screens Mod16/04/2022
Longer Life31/07/2022
Love Tester23/04/2022
Madam Simovar - The Potion Seller 16/05/2022
Magical Winterfest30/05/2022
Make Hidden Holiday Traditions Selectable13/05/2022
Makeup Hider03/08/2022
Mannequin Uncapper21/04/2022
Map Overrides01/08/2022
map replacements30/07/2022
Material Gworl Trait22/08/2022
Maxed Restaurant Start at 5 Stars10/04/2022
Maxed Retail, Dual Tasks, Sure Sale, Faster Staff, Extra Hours, Retail Prices06/08/2022
Maxed Skills, Restaurant, Retail, Vet Now with Teens 07/08/2022
MaxisMatch Functional Phone replacement29/07/2022
Maxismatch phone replacement28/07/2022
MCMT (More Club Members and Traits)06/07/2022
Meaningful Stories25/07/2022
Mega 16 Personalities Trait Pack24/08/2022
Mental Therapist Career05/04/2022
Mermaid Bloodlines28/07/2022
mini-mod: check neighborhood updates02/04/2022
Mini-Mod: Loading Screen Tips Remover03/08/2022
Mini-Mod: New Spell "Enlargio"29/05/2022
mini-mod: Pets Everywhere17/06/2022
Misery Traits27/03/2022
MissyHissy's TS3 Snowboarding Career for TS407/08/2022
Mod Status spreadsheet13/07/2022
Moonglow and other assorted lighting mods17/06/2022
More CAS Traits Mod + Long-Lived Traits + Add Traits Menu02/06/2022
More Expensive Lot Prices17/06/2022
More Holiday Traditions07/08/2022
More Off-The-Grid Recipe Options08/06/2022
More Premade Holidays07/08/2022
More Students At High School Mod09/08/2022
More Valuable Lifestyle Brand 100x16/08/2022
More Woodworks28/07/2022
Mortem 26/03/2022
Music Life25/05/2022
NC4T Be A Burglar Mod19/04/2022
Necromania Reward Trait13/08/2022
Neighborhoods Vampire free17/06/2022
new careers14/08/2022
New custom spell : Ghostify and Vade Retro Phantasma01/07/2022
New Custom University Electives06/05/2022
New Hobby Traits17/06/2022
New Spa Day Traits17/06/2022
Night Nurse Career 19/06/2022
Night-Time Legal Secretary Career19/06/2022
No Auto Swim & Gain Hygiene and Fun Faster09/08/2022
No Autonomous Computer07/08/2022
No Autonomous Cooking07/08/2022
No Autonomous Play Games By Phone07/08/2022
No Autonomous Watch TV07/08/2022
No CL/IL/SE NPC names04/08/2022
No Fade Columns on BuildBuy & Live Mode30/07/2022
No Fade On Everything08/08/2022
No Food Sparkles08/08/2022
No Forgotten Birthday Drama18/05/2022
No Intro31/07/2022
No Make-Up & No Accessories on Randomized Sims26/07/2022
No Maxis Clothing, Accessories, Skin Details & Makeup26/05/2022
No More Harmless Mermaid Dehydration13/05/2022
No More Maxis Hair, Facial Hair, and Eyebrows26/05/2022
No Occult CAS Background Effects27/06/2022
No Preference Idles & Reactions17/06/2022
No Spoils Mod09/08/2022
No Texting & Walking11/08/2022
No Venue Requirements08/08/2022
No Walkstyles for Elders28/07/2022
No-Fade Columns in Live & BuildBuy Modes23/06/2022
Not So Berry Challenge Scenarios17/06/2022
Occult Hybrid Unlocker & Stabilizer25/06/2022
Odd Jobs 14/08/2022
On Random Occult Ley Line23/06/2022
Only Wash Peepee Hands28/07/2022
Organic 26/03/2022
Paranormal Trait22/08/2022
Parent Discipline Actions For All03/08/2022
Parties and Weddings at Generic Venues Mod09/08/2022
Patty Cake Mod22/08/2022
Paws & Claws - M01 Animal Preferences10/08/2022
Pets Everywhere05/06/2022
Phone Call Overhaul24/08/2022
Plan Career Outfit Mod18/06/2022
PlantSim Bloodlines 27/03/2022
PlantSim Inheritance02/04/2022
PlantSims, keep your hair please!18/04/2022
PlumbBros 28/08/2022
Plumfruit + Darkmode20/06/2022
Political Causes Have Realistic Names28/07/2022
Pre-Teen Mod02/05/2022
Preferences Plus02/08/2022
Preteen Base and First Crush (v1.4.7)11/08/2022
Preventable Diseases28/07/2022
Private Practice27/03/2022
Project 713 Plants05/08/2022
Psychology Career10/08/2022
Purchase Ambrosia10/04/2022
Purple Skies29/07/2022
Queen of Soul Career31/05/2022
Rabbit Hole - The Zoo21/06/2022
Rabbit Hole | Tattoo Shop21/06/2022
Random Occult Ley Line20/06/2022
Random Traits & Aspirations06/08/2022
Realistic Lifespans31/07/2022
Realistic Trees No Fade Mod07/08/2022
recipes 24/07/2022
Reduced Mourning from Death Notifications27/07/2022
Regency Romance16/08/2022
Relaxed the Needs: Slowing or Stop the Needs decay29/07/2022
Removed Occult Plumbob Ring03/07/2022
Restaurant Group Diners of 4, 5, 6, 7 and 808/08/2022
Retail Reloaded02/06/2022
Romance Interactions28/07/2022
Royal Family Gigs Career19/07/2022
Run Don’t Jog28/07/2022
Run for Mayer Aspiration17/07/2022
Run for Mayor Aspiration13/07/2022
S4 CAS Tools04/07/2022
Scarlet's Mod List Changes06/08/2022
School Tweaks Mod (V1.2)21/08/2022
Scientist Career - Graveyard Shift and Gardening Fix28/07/2022
Seating Fixes 17/06/2022
Self-Soothing Toddlers22/08/2022
Semi-Long Lifespan Mod 18/06/2022
Servo Bloodlines27/03/2022
several mods30/07/2022
Shared Trait Social Impact13/08/2022
Short School Hours For Children07/08/2022
Short School Hours For Teenager07/08/2022
Simoleonz Online Jobs Mod 03/08/2022
Simp's GraphicRules Setters05/04/2022
Simp's GraphicsRules Setters27/07/2022
Simple Real Estate Menu27/07/2022
Sims 2 Remake Careers08/08/2022
Sims 3 Remake Careers08/08/2022
Sims 4 Black Death Edition24/07/2022
Sims 4 Tray Importer03/08/2022
Sims 4: Black Death Edition06/07/2022
Sims Delivery Express (SDX) Items Recategorised23/06/2022
Sims Longer Lifespans31/07/2022
Sims4 Makeup + Scars Unlocked for Kids20/06/2022
Sims4 Tattoos Unlocked for Children and Toddlers20/08/2022
Simsco Canning Factory Mod07/04/2022
Simston Private School 06/07/2022
Simulation Lag Fix06/08/2022
Skeleton Bloodlines27/03/2022
Sketchpad No Fees07/08/2022
Skier Career18/04/2022
Sleep Naked08/08/2022
Slower Relationship Changes 23/06/2022
Small High School Years Tweaks11/08/2022
Small Invite to Hang Out Overhaul02/08/2022
Smarter Autonomous Meal Sizes17/06/2022
Smarter Self-Care V1323/04/2022
SNB - Financial Center 26/03/2022
Snowboarder Career18/04/2022
Social Powered Reward Trait14/08/2022
Sorted Traits Picker28/06/2022
Sound Swap24/03/2022
Srsly Good Eats Takeout Delivery14/05/2022
Srsly's Blank Save17/06/2022
Srsly's Complete Cooking Overhaul (SCCO)14/05/2022
Srsly's EA Adjustments14/07/2022
Stay Home from School12/07/2022
Stop Culling Popups Mod 18/06/2022
Stop Howling in CAS!04/07/2022
Stop Notification Noises for High School Events Mod 22/08/2022
Store Most Things in Chests25/03/2022
Storytelling Socials02/06/2022
Stunning Screens30/05/2022
Styled Looks Hider03/07/2022
Summer Camp (v3.9)11/08/2022
Summer Camps11/07/2022
Super Keener Trait05/04/2022
Super Rascals 25/06/2022
Supernatural Traits v2.105/08/2022
tattoos unlocked for children and toddlers20/06/2022
Teen Criminal Career08/08/2022
Telehealth Psychotherapy24/03/2022
Teleport Memory System08/07/2022
Teleport Memory System Version 10/07/2022
Text Replacement01/06/2022
The Custom Whims Mod19/06/2022
The Education System Bundle21/06/2022
The Explore Mod21/06/2022
The Feral Containment Unit10/07/2022
The Occult Emporium 20/06/2022
The Personality Mod30/07/2022
The Sims 4 Romantic Interaction from Sims 320/08/2022
Thee Kitchen Tablet and ingredients25/05/2022
Therapist Career23/07/2022
Time Out Box 22/08/2022
Tiny Living Rumbasim Fix22/07/2022
Toddler Conversation Expander 31/07/2022
Toddler Makeup Kit01/07/2022
Townie Sexual Orientation: Fix & Diversity17/08/2022
traits 06/08/2022
Traits for the Offspring of NPCs 15/07/2022
Transgender Stories08/08/2022
Travel to Menu30/07/2022
Trendi Band-aid15/08/2022
Try to Make Friends Smart Interaction25/05/2022
TS4 Faster Fishing29/07/2022
TS4 SimRipper 24/08/2022
TS4 Sound Tool20/07/2022
Ultimate Animator Career18/06/2022
Ultimate Beauty02/06/2022
Ultimate Educator01/06/2022
Ultimate FBI Career21/05/2022
Ultimate Nursing Career10/08/2022
Ultimate SBA Baller Career30/05/2022
Uncomfortable & Negative Moods Do More 14/05/2022
Unhidden Traits & In store28/06/2022
Universal Venue List05/08/2022
Upgrade or Store25/03/2022
Urn/Stone Overhaul18/05/2022
Vampire Age Traits Mod10/07/2022
Vampire Bloodlines 27/07/2022
Vampiric Interactions Fixes18/06/2022
Venue Changes28/07/2022
Veterinary Tech Career10/08/2022
Violin and Guitar Bugfixes17/06/2022
Visitors Not Spawning in Front of Venues30/07/2022
Walk Normally 23/06/2022
Web Developer Career18/06/2022
Wedding Cakes as Birthday Cakes20/04/2022
Wedding Spot Lot Trait 14/07/2022
Wedding Venue Lot Trait14/07/2022
Wellness Aspiration Fixes18/06/2022
Werewolf Bloodlines25/06/2022
Werewolf Tweaks29/06/2022
Werewolf Tweaks V1.1 Vicious Wolves & Wolf Protection23/06/2022
Werewolves Mod13/07/2022
Wood Plants05/08/2022
Working Medicine Cabinets18/08/2022
World Name Mod & Empty World Save Bundle17/06/2022
XML Injector28/07/2022
Youth and Family Activities 11/07/2022
Zodiac Signs30/07/2022
Zoomers Food Delivery Uniform12/07/2022
ЕА Cupcakes in the oven27/08/2022
МОД НА ЗАМЕНУ ИМЕН [Mod to Replace Names]25/08/2022