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Les Sims 4 compatible avec Windows 10

Sims 4 : Mise à jour du 4 Décembre

Une nouvelle mise à jour est disponible en jeu et celle-ci apporte quelques grosses nouveautés alors attention, on sort le panneau rouge qui clignote…

[box type=”warning”] Pensez à retirer vos mods avant de jouer après l’installation de la maj. Il est fort possible qu’il ne seront pas compatibles avec cette version. Une nouvelle fonction permet d’ailleurs de désactiver les mods. A tester…[/box]

Parmi les nouveautés, une version 64bits du jeu (plus d’informations par ici ), un gestionnaire de mods pour tous les désactiver d’un coup lors d’une mise à jour (plus d’infos par ici aussi), les nouvelles cartes des mondes sont disponibles, ainsi que plusieurs modifications d’autres fonctions aussi diverses que variées.

Les notes de patch en français arrivent et en attendant, vous pouvez découvrir celles en anglais.

Update: 12/04/2015 – PC Version / Mac Version



How is everyone? It’s the holiday season… have you been good?

…you know, nobody ever really defined for me the limits of good in the context of the holiday seasonal question of naughty or nice. I was mostly good… I hope.

Anyway, given that I have also failed to define “good” for you, we have plenty of gifts to pass around no matter what your naughty/nice standing may be with the polar ice powers.


So, on with the unwrapping… what’d you get?



  • There is now a 64 Bit executable for 64 bit Windows users.
    • Players with 64bit Windows do not need to do any extra action, you will automatically be using the 64bit executable.
    • To learn more, please visit the FAQ –
  • For those players that use Mods and may not realize that an update has occurred, or that their Mods may conflict with the new update, we now automatically Disable Mods when we patch.
    • To turn them back on, open up Game Options, select the Other tab, and check on the Enable Custom Content and Mods option.
    • Please use caution when re-enabling your Mods, as Mods have been known to modify your game.
    • To learn more about this update, visit this FAQ –
  • We have made significant changes to the behavior of groups.
    • You will now have the option to add (or remove) Sims to groups.
    • When a Sim is added to a group you will be able to pull groups of Sims around with ease.
    • In addition when you travel with a group of Sims they will automatically be put into a group with each other.
  • Create A Sim has had the underlying structure of how relationships are built and remembered overhauled.
    • This has allowed us to close many issues that could result in the relationship data becoming lost or corrupted, which could break existing relationships (brothers could forget their sisters) and allow invalid relationships to exist.
  • There is a new Hire [NPC] interaction available on several objects, such as Hire Bartender (on the bar), Hire Caterer (on the fridge), or Hire Masseuse (on the massage table).
  • Sims will have more relevant greetings. You now may see parents and children hug each other when they greet, or Sims might shake hands if they are acquaintances.
  • We have spent some time fixing up the Fire and Death reaction systems. Sims will now behave in a more expected manner when either occurs near them.
  • Looking forward to spending the holiday season with your Sims? Good news! We’ve updated the free* Holiday Celebration Pack with new snowflake decals, a lighted tree, piles of presents, a tree centerpiece, and new formal outfits that are perfect for wearing to holiday parties.
    • *Requires internet connection, The Sims 4 (sold separately) and all game updates to play.
      • The Sims 4 – sold separately at participating sellers of things and stuffs.
        • Sellers and cellars – homonyms
          • Homonyms, hymns, and yeoman… not the same.
            • Yeoman reminds me of yeti…
              • We had a yeti in MySims™ Agents…
                • Sold separately.
  • There is a new venue type: Pool Venue
  • There is a new option to color your pool water – default or purple! Because… purple!
    • That’s such a weird word… puuur’pull, purple, purple, people, purple, purple people. Weird.
  • We have made several interface updates:
    • The World Maps have been updated!
      • First and probably the most noticeable, they are now in glorious color.
      • In addition we have also updated all of the interface elements of the map! (pst… the play button is in the bottom right… I know right, it took me FOREVER to remember).
      • There is also a Return to Map button in Live Mode.
    • The relationship inspector (when two Sims are talking, it is the UI that appears in the middle top of the screen) has been updated.
      • You can also right click on the Sim portrait in the inspector to center the camera on that Sim.
    • We have updated the Screenshots & Memories interface.
      • We have also improved the quality of pictures your Sims take, so that they look better when in the screenshot viewer.
    • The interface used when an NPC calls your Sim has had been updated.
      • As well as… Sims may now call to offer condolences, or congratulate you on that new job or promotion.
    • We have updated the Events display for non-goal oriented events. They will now have a bar with the event name and the remaining time countdown.
      • This should help with those stealth Welcome Wagon events that would suddenly yell at you for not paying attention to them.
    • The camera controls have a new button option to swap between Sims 3 and Sims 4 camera styles.


But wait… there’s more!

More, Billy?

…we have a few issues we have been looking into as well.

But that’s not all?

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