Les Sims Mobile : Mise à jour de Noël

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Les premiers flocons tombent sur le jeu Les Sims Mobile ! L’événement spécial fêtes de fin d’année est arrivé ainsi que quelques correctifs.

Hey Simmers,

We are kicking off this holiday season by transforming parts of town into a winter wonderland! Check out the snowy additions now! You can look forward to a holly jolly Winterfest event soon, including:

  • A limited-time quest where you can earn items that give you a head start in Winterfest
  • So many holiday-themed rewards. So, so many. You will be pleased.
    • Seriously though, everything from ugly sweaters to fanciful dress; lawn ornaments to the grandest of holiday trees!

Additionally, we’ve made some improvements to the Event screen so you can see the rewards more clearly and also see whether clothing items are for men or women.

Also, for one week only, we are holding a Home Catalog sale! All prices are slashed until December 4, 2018 at 10 AM PST. This comes with a change to the catalog where you can buy colors/patterns individually rather than bundled with the item purchase.

Key Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with some event shifts not always appearing
  • Balsa Counters have been added to the Kitchen Basics Collection so that lower-level players can purchase them
  • Fixed a variety of issues that could result in a crash

Thanks for reading and all your continued support of The Sims Mobile!

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