Les Sims Mobile : Mise à jour Décembre 2018

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Un patch vient de sortir pour le jeu Les Sims Mobile. Au programme, la suppression d’un problème qui faisait payer plusieurs fois un même objet ou un autre qui permettait à des sims de participer à plusieurs événements en même temps.

Hey, Simmers!

We have made some more fixes around color options that should be owned by your account but are not being properly credited. We encourage you to reach out to EA Help if you continue to experience issues.

Additionally, Harvestfest’s “Pumpkin Spice Lovers” story heirloom now is available in the Heirloom Store as both a possible featured heirloom for 100 Heirloom Tickets and a possible reward from the heirloom boxes. For those of you who experienced technical issues during the Harvestfest, we apologize and hope this helps you get some of the seasonal fun that you missed.

Notable bug fixes:

  • Fixed another issue with Sims being in multiple events at the same time. For more details on getting back to a normal state, see this workaround
  • Fixed an issue with makeup, hair, and facial hair items not being properly flagged as “owned”
  • Fixed an issue with some objects not having all colors unlocked


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